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software This article is about software. For articles with non-free software, please visit the Free Software Directory. Software is the use of computer programs. To define software precisely and in a useful manner is a difficult problem. For general usage in a wider sense the term includes computer-based programs and the programs installed on a computer. The origin of the term "software" is unclear. Some software is not meant for technical use, but is restricted to uses where its use is more desirable than those who would produce it. To achieve such a desired use, it is sometimes prohibited to the manufacturer. There are also cases where a program is licensed in such a way that the owner of the program can modify it, by means of recompilation, without being required to make the change immediately available to all users. Such software is usually called "freeware" or "shareware". Software is usually made up of different types: Programming language A programming language is a notation used to define computer programs. Hardware The hardware that a computer uses to execute programs is called the computer's architecture. The more different kinds of hardware there are, the more programs there can be on the market. Software package A software package contains many files, typically, for example, an operating system, a software development environment, and the individual programs needed to execute or make use of them. It contains the files that must be installed on a computer to make it work. Operating system Software that runs on a computer's operating system is the part of a computer system that manages the computer hardware and the software running on the computer. An operating system is usually associated with a computer hardware manufacturer. Development tools A software development tool is a computer program that aids in developing other programs. Many programming languages support the use of development tools to ease the development of software. Electronic publishing (e-Publishing) Software that provides content distribution for electronic books. E-book Readers Use a variety of e-book reading technologies (e-book readers) to read e-books on a portable electronic device. The primary e-book readers are dedicated handheld devices with a built-in screen and physical keyboard, but smartphones are increasingly used. Wireless application protocol Wireless application protocol (WAP) is a set of technologies defined by the Wireless Application Protocol Forum (WAPF) for providing mobile Internet access to a range of devices including mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and automotive in-car telematics systems. Wire




Serviio Pro License File Rapidshare verbana

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